Nusa Penida Sunset Cruies

the most amazing


in Nusa Penida

The first and only
sunset cruise
on Nusa Penida Island

Bathe in the orange glow of the sunset sky, quench your thirst with an ice cold drink and enjoy a relaxed cruise on the calm, aqua blue water of Nusa Penida island. See the white sandy beaches and the volcano backdrop in the distance as you cruise around the island, taking in the sights and admiring nature’s finest at the best time of day.

Sunset Cruise Option


Travel with other likeminded people and make new friends!
$ 20 /person
  • Equipment's
  • Cold Beers
  • Documentations
  • Insurance
  • Shared boat


Travel with your special, family, or group of friends only
$ 50 /person
  • Equipment's
  • Cold Beers
  • Documentations
  • Insurance
  • Private Boat

The Sunset Cruises

Glide out onto Penida’s glistening, aqua blue, waters for 2 hours on our sunset cruise. This really is a unique experience to treasure with your loved ones whilst on the island. Enjoy the sense of freedom and romance sailing instils, safe in the knowledge we’re taking care of you. You might even be lucky enough to see some of the islands beautiful wildlife including whales and dolphins (in season).

Witness the unique waterborne views of the various cliff faces, bays and lagoons. Swim and Relax with a drink . As you cruise gently back towards the beach, more beauty awaits, with the last remnants of the sunset’s spectacular palette of colours silhouetting the harbour.

Sunset Cruise Nusa Penida
Sunset Cruise Nusa Penida

“Why Penida?
Penida Needs No Reason, Penida Is Its Own Reason.”

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